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VISIONARY, Self-Published Author, Public Relations Specialist, Entertainment Marketing/ Management, Event Planner- Coordinator- Promoter, Poet/ Writer, Abstract/ Surreal Artist, Photographer, Singer, Volunteer, Mom, Community Activist & Life Coach are just some of the titles she's recognized for holding. There will be many more to follow along her journies IN LIFE... Share her world- with her.
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Love isn’t blind- we are. Our expectations of others are mostly based on either our achievements or our shortcomings - or a combination of the two. A lot of us don’t know how to just let some things ‘BE’ - without feeling we have to demolish something and build it back up ‘our way’. We treat people this way. You can’t come into people’s lives and try to make them be who and what you desire them to be. I know a few people who feel that if you love them- you’ll change to conform to their needs, beliefs and views. This is contrary to the truth. You only hurt others when you are this way. They don’t have to be there- nor deserve that treatment.

If you can’t see a person for who they are underneath it all- and love them unconditionally- then you may as well stop tormenting them. They may or may not ever change and that’s something that you will have to respect. Be willing to either be there- or leave them to their own lifestyle choices. People aren’t projects and test dummies unless they sign up to be… MOST OF THEM DON’T- WE JUST TAKE IT UPON OURSELVES TO TRY TO  ’FIX what we FEEL is BROKEN’. BUT- Are they, really?

Some people want to just be left alone- others want you to always be there to kick them in the ass and lecture them- every 5 seconds. Know who you’re dealing with by actually paying attention and learning. No matter what you do or say to others-  all people in one way or another-want to feel loved, accepted and appreciated- even if they do or say microscopic things. The point is to look at the fact that some of them are trying- and doing; allow them time to and lend support. That’s what people don’t do anymore…. TRULY LOVE & SUPPORT EACH OTHER….

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Do You Always See A Rusty Old Car As ‘A Rusty Old Car That Needs To Be Fixed’? Be cautious as to how you approach your situations in life. That rusty old car could be a timeless classic that if you remove or alter any part of it- will lose its multi-billion dollar worth. So can the people in our lives. Some things can be changed- others- we have to accept for what they are… Research your life and make your choices accordingly. 

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“To Maya Angelou- may your transformation be that of the wind beneath our wings- so that our flight through life will be forever filled with peace, love and understanding.”  - Kandayia JagudEye Ali

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